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Adel BOUDJEMA - Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering
Who am I ?

Hi, I'm Adel. I like computers, problems and using the former to solve the latter. I believe in elegance over adequacy, thoughtfulness over impulse, and in the wonder of the world as we can see it.

I have a Master's degree in Petroleum engineering, specialty “Geophysical Exploration” [PAU University - France] and I’m a Geologist Engineer [ANNABA University - Algeria].

I did my internship at TOTAL Exploration Production France [TEPF] (Pau, France), the topic is “Synthesis of the geological and dynamic data of an old field ”, where the objective of my internship was to development of a summary and database of the geological data and the production data. This Synthesis it’s under the software OFM (Oilfield Manager) and static modelling of the tank under GOCAD (Geological Object Computer Aided Dessign). I am looking forward career in Oil and Gas exploration field in Geosciences.

I would like to underline the fact that since my youth, I have desired to study in field of oil and gas for many reasons. I have always been aware of humanity’s inevitable need for this source of energy, which we will be in need of for years to come. Without these sources of energy it would be practically impossible for people to live in our times. To develop this sector, the hydrocarbons firms need more and more highly qualified specialists. We must develop innovative technologies to recuperate more means of hydrocarbons from the earth and we must also be more aggressive in our research into exploration of zones considered difficult to access.

I have a strong academic background in geology, geophysics, petroleum engineering and geostatistics.

I am very interested in a position related to my experience and educational background within upstream industry.

My interests include :

Geocomputing :
3D Geological Modeling - Geomodeler, Static Modeler, Petroleum Exploration Engineer & Reservoir Geomodeler.

Pro Software :
- gOcad (Geological Object Computer Aided Design)
- GeoQuest [Oilfield Manager (OFM) & Petrel]
- TNTmips
- Seismic Unix

Remote sensing & GIS (In Geo-Exploration):
- Radar
- Optic

I am fascinated by new technologies :
- Design of dynamic web sites, Webmastering
- Internet Application Development
- JavaScript
- Flash

Travel :
Discovering new cultures and travelling as soon as the opportunity arises.

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